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Are you ready to help out your community? Any action, big or small, can turn a situation from “just out of reach” to “someone reached out.” Here are some ways for you to get involved and play an active role in making our community a better place for everyone:

Giving Party/Packing Party: Individuals coming together to create a one-month supply of period products. It is an opportunity to raise awareness, funds, and products to provide supplies for those who are experiencing period poverty.

Colorado Legislation around Period Poverty, Diaper Need, and Hygiene Poverty

Colorado has passed three laws in four years around period poverty, diaper need, and hygiene poverty.

There is still city sales tax around Colorado. The Colorado Women’s Foundation stakeholder passed HB22-1055, explained and they have also created a Don't Tax Dignity Toolkit to help communities to remove the City tax that still exists on period products, diapers and incontinence products throughout our state.

Contacting elected leaders and understanding about various government governments agencies, registering to vote and seeking assistance from A to Z:

How to learn about the Colorado legislators? Colorado General Assembly | Contact Us

Book a tour at the Colorado Capitol? Colorado General Assembly | Contact Us

Learn about the Colorado Capitol? Colorado General Assembly | Contact Us

How to find my legislator? Find my legislator

How to Register to Vote in Colorado? Register to vote in CO

Need to find your federal, state, local, Mayor, County, City, and Town representatives? Government agencies and elected officials

On this webpage, you can find your federal, state, local, Mayor, County, City and Town representatives.

State, Local and Tribal Government? You can find Consumer Protections, State Attorney General, Emergency Management, State Health Department, State, County and Municipal Courts as well as information on states travel and tourism at State, local, and tribal governments

There are so many government agencies and assistance available–it’s an alphabet soup on acronyms. How can I find or even understand what these are? Here is the A to Z of the government department and agencies: Federal agencies

How do I contact these various government agencies? Government agencies and elected officials

Questions on passports or immigration? Travel and immigration

How to write to my elected leader? The American Library Association has provided an outline on how to write a sample letter. Grammarly also provides samples on how to write a letter and an email to your elected official.

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